Hi, my name is Marc Vahanian –

The 7 Keys Coach

I specialize in working with financial services professionals to Get Results:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Engage people
  • Team Building
  • Acquire clients
  • Employee Retention
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview Preparation
  • Navigate Change
  • Inspired Collaboration

I've created solutions for Executives, employees and teams at:


Marc Vahanian's 7 Keys Series

With over 25 years of experience and 30,000 coaching sessions in personal and professional client development, Marc’s leadership education provides specific practices that help clients and organizations connect with their core values. Marc Vahanian’s 7 Keys Series helps executives and their corporate team to identify their current challenges and concerns, re-define the immediate opportunities and goals, then reconnect and re-engage with the company mission with purpose, pride, and passion.

"Marc Vahanian empowered us to achieve demonstrable results as a team and contributed greatly to our bottom line."


Mark Goldberg - President, Carey Financial


Finding Your Bigger "Why"

"The bulk of employees worldwide -- 76% -- are "not engaged," meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes. - Gallup"

Helping Leaders Engage

Uniting a diverse background in multiple disciplines, Marc’s standout leadership strategy helps leaders, teams, and organizations make decisions by focusing on two central principles: mood and narrative. By understanding your story within “Who you are” and “Where you are going,” Marc makes sense of “What you are producing” and more importantly the tone with which you communicate that narrative to your customers, clients, and colleagues.

Solutions That Work

"I asked Marc if he was still in the life-saving business, because I needed to have my life saved."


Drew Carey, The Drew Carey Show, The Price is Right host

"Marc is a wonderful partner, coach, teacher, listener and motivator all rolled into one. He’s provided me with exceptional career guidance and advice the past few years. My only one regret is that I didn’t meet Marc earlier in my career!"


Chris Connolly – SVP Licensing – Disney Consumer Products

"Having worked with Marc Vahanian for over a year, it seems more like a way of life he has guided me to. One where body, heart and soul unite as one. Out in my world it is just as important to be emotionally fit as it is to be in physical top form."


Mick Fleetwood, Musician, Fleetwood Mac

"Marc Vahanian has the remarkable ability to cut to the core of the issue; he empowered us to achieve demonstrable results as a team and contributed greatly to our bottom line."


Ann Jernigan - Senior Vice President, Worldwide Comparative Medicine, Pfizer


"Marc has made an incredible impact on me in such a short period of time. He listens intently, offers a refreshing approach to shifting perspective, words of encouragement, and promotes healthy, holistic reflection in life and business. I always feel relaxed and a sense of clarity after talking with him. I highly recommend Marc to anyone who is open to or looking for personal or professional growth. If there was a Miracle Grow for humans, Marc surely has and generously shares the recipe! "

Anna King

Anna King - Director of Product Development at Aya Healthcare

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E-Mail: marc@marcvahanian.com

Phone: (818) 203-7002

I work with smart motivated professionals to produce remarkable results. My specialty is working with leaders to craft and deliver compelling business messages that inspire trust and communicate the bigger “why.”

Client challenges:

  • Career and role transition
  • Public Speaking
  • Keeping people motivated and engaged
  • Holding self and others accountable
  • Executive presence
  • Being approachable
  • Conflict resolution
  • Overwhelm
  • Client acquisition
  • Retention
  • Morale
  • Fun

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