What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a professional development process requiring the sincere commitment and participation of both the client and coach.
Chances are you recognize there is something about what you currently do - or wish to be doing - that could be changed or improved.

Who benefits from Executive Coaching?

The simple answer: The ones who put the most into it. The deeper answer: Those who are hungry to improve and willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work; the aggressive collaborators. It is designed for people with an aim to cultivate how they perform as professionals. The benefit ripples through the community. The people surrounding these executives, the company, the employees, and clients.

What can you expect?

A coach can help you to raise your game on and off the court, inside and outside the boardroom. He or she will bring a focus and rigor to the process. They will deliver specific principles and practices that improve your ability to connect with your people in pursuit of your goals and on behalf of your mission. A coach can deliver feedback, assessments and insights with candor and care that open the way to new possibilities for taking effective action. A coach helps raise your awareness about your blind spots, address areas of weakness and build upon your existing strengths.

Areas of Professional Development include

Leadership Presence
Hitting Goals

Business Acumen
Strategic Thinking
Presentation Skills

Navigating Change
Conflict Resolution
Inspiring Trust
Employee Engagement
Customer Service

Start the Journey

The power and possibility of coaching is in the way coach and client work together. It is a collaboration. It is dependent on the curiosity, willingness and commitment of both the client and coach. The magic is in the synergy of this partnership. While becoming an even more skillful professional, you are also growing as a more embodied, authentic, and productive human being.


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