Meet Marc Vahanian

I work with smart motivated professionals to produce remarkable results.

My specialty is working with leaders to craft and deliver compelling business messages that inspire trust and communicate the bigger “why.”

Client challenges:

  • Career and role transition
  • Public Speaking
  • Keeping people motivated and engaged
  • Holding self and others accountable
  • Executive presence
  • Being approachable
  • Conflict resolution
  • Overwhelm
  • Client acquisition
  • Retention
  • Morale
  • Fun


Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys, my book, demonstrates principles for leadership development and cultivating high-impact collaborations that unleash creativity while generating measurable outcomes.

Professional development projects applying The 7 Keys:

  • Peak Performance in Challenging Times
  • High-Impact Moments for engaging your people
  • Success in Sales
  • Presenting with Purpose, Passion and Poise
  • Navigating Change

As an executive coach with over 20 years of experience, I work with a range of clients from racecar drivers to Fortune 500 executives and their teams.  I have been featured in People Magazine, on CBS’s “48 Hours” and E-Channel’s “The Golden Globes,” amongst many others.  I hold a certificate from the Foundation for Human Enrichment in Traumatic Resolution and Somatic Experiencing, and am a certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute.


Client Testimonials

“Having worked with Marc Vahanian for over a year, it seems more like a way of life he has guided me to, where body, heart, and soul unite as one.” Mick Fleetwood – Musician, Fleetwood Mac

“Marc has an unusual ability to make a real difference in the lives of executives.” Michael Hamilton - Partner and Chief Learning and Development Officer, Ernst & Young

“...he empowered us to achieve demonstrable results as a team and contributed greatly to our bottom line.”

Mark Goldberg, President,Carey Financial

“Marc is a wonderful partner, coach, teacher, listener and motivator all rolled into one. He’s provided me with exceptional career guidance and advice the past few years.” Chris Connolly – SVP Licensing, Disney

“Are you still in the life-saving business? Because I need to have my life saved.”  Drew Carey - The Drew Carey Show, The Price is Right

“Marc is impressively effective at coaching a team through radical change. He masterfully led the team through discovery and change processes.” Renee Schaaf - SVP, Principal Financial Group

“...he brought a number of innovative leadership practices to the team that helped us align our goals and advance our initiatives.” Ann Jernigan - Vice President, Worldwide Comparative Medicine, Pfizer

“Marc brings exceptional business acumen and long-term, spirit-nourishing inspiration.” Sherri Cooke - President & CEO, AI Insight

“This has been an exploration of important concepts in a high-energy workshop, providing a productive and meaningful experience for our employees.” Rich Erickson - Chief Executive Office, O’Neil Industries



"Vahanian is vigorous, unpredictable and quicksilver-funny."
-Daily Variety