Audacious Re-invention

Each year, Mac comes out with newer, more beautiful, more exciting products and upgrades to its existing products. 

Consumers are awash in products, with marketing and advertising competing for our attention and our dollars.

To become and remain relevant requires – A.R.
- willingness to tirelessly and Audaciously Reinvent yourself, your job, your business and skill-set.

Not only does familiarity breed contempt, but worse, it encourages a listless lack of attention, taking for granted that the customer you have acquired will still be your customer tomorrow and the next day just because…

These assumptions can be costly. Take a page from Mac: Audacious Re-invention.

We grow slack and assume we’ve seen each other before. But, if we are really paying attention, we don’t know much about the person who is in front of us in this moment, for they like us have had a million thoughts – tragic, happy, funny – and events, twists and turns, survived storms and adventures and all before lunch. 

When we really slow down and look, with genuine curiosity, our mates of even twenty-plus years become strangers in a good way. They become again, someone we need to get to know, anew, like on a first date, even though we forget and think we know them so well…

It’s like that with our clients, They want to be seen as new, enchanting, beautiful or handsome, valued and important. We all do.

The real adventure is in the self; that sticky-tricky-prankster that hoodwinks us with ego, habit and familiarity. 

What would Audacious Reinvention look like in your marriage? 

What would Audacious Reinvention look in your business? 

What might be a way to begin the adventure of your personal Audacious Reinvention?