Promises Kept

It’s easy to get swept away in a sea of worry. Have you noticed?

“I’m worried I won’t be able to pay my rent…”
“What happens if they don’t like me?”
“I’m afraid I don’t have enough money to pay for my medications”
“My back hurts, what would happen if I can’t work…?”

Worry is something almost all of us do, in fact we practice it. Last time I checked, anything we practice enough, we get good at.

Most people, myself included, are good at worrying.

Worry attracts more worry. As soon as we think about one thing that we’re anxious about, a thousand other anxious thoughts scurry like rats to the surface.

What can we do to stop the worrying?

Try this as an antidote:

1. Interrupt worry as soon as you notice you’re doing it.
2. Refocus your attention onto promises made to you that have been kept.

Remember these simple yet profound promises:
• The sun follows the night, is a promise kept by the universe.
• The pay-check that shows up on time or the friend who does what they say they’ll do, are promises kept by others.

Recall three or four of the promises kept by you:

• Doing your best, doing the right thing, extending your friendship, getting the job done, doing the dishes or making someone laugh.

By recalling promises kept, we shift from a state of anxiety or doubt to one of confidence and faith restored.

What’s a promise that’s been made to you and kept?

What’s a promise you’ve made and kept?