The Tapas Tree of Opportunity

I had a dream about a tree. I walked along the woodsy path, I had grown hungry, thirsty too. Eventually, the path opened up to an open field, revealing a tree. A very special tree.

This tree had many branches and deep broad roots. The branches provided shade to protect one from the sun, but also bore a unique and generous crop; I had never seen fruit quite like it. They were oblong fruit. As I approached it, instead of fruit, I saw that the tree was laden with oblong varied Hero Sandwiches. Each filled (as I discovered) with mouth-watering, warm goodies. I had never seen, or tasted anything like these. Somehow, I knew that this was called a Tapas Tree. A tree of many goodies and different snacks.

The outside of these tasty treats was warm and flakey, and inside were gentle spices and an artful array of textures bursting with flavor. With one big bite, my mouth filled with the tasty delights.
I stood there amazed, and grateful. And no matter how many I picked to eat and share with others, there was more; the bounty was great.

I didn’t understand exactly what that dream meant to me until last night. That tree, my friends, is the tree of opportunity, and the branches are bowed – some even close to the ground – just simply dripping with opportunity.
Sometimes all of us become so Myopic…so caught up and concerned about doing one thing right, presenting something just perfectly, that we don’t even see the low-hanging fruit on the Tree of Opportunity right before us.

I woke feeling as though I was well nourished and would always be.